hello blog…good-bye meat!


So…what’s this all about?  It’s about two friends, and one mutal decision to shed their carnivorous ways and resist eating animals after learning the truths about factory farming.   This is our documentation of cooking and experimenting daily-where you’ll find our messes and successes in the kitchen in our attempts at staying meat-free.  So stay tuned for yummy recipes, helpful tips and interesting information as we try to hold true to our Vegetarian Pact!  


Throughout my life, I had been ADDICTED to chicken. Chicken nuggets, chicken parmigiana, chicken sausage…anything hailing from that bird, I devoured without hesitance. Red meat, on the other hand, I was repulsed by. Burgers and hot dogs made me gag and I would rather starve then touch a morsel of pork. I found this to be an acceptable deal, figuring I was only eating birds, not cute little piggies-what’s the big deal?

Only it was a big deal. After a year of seeking more education and knowledge on the food I had always considered “healthy”, I was exposed to the horrors of abuse inflicted on cows, pigs, and yes-my beloved poultry. Learning about what innocent and helpless animals had to suffer through just so I could have a hearty meal every night made me sick to my stomach.  So what was more important to me?  Frying up dead carcasses every night, or getting creative in the kitchen and finding healthier alternatives that not spared the lives of animals, but was better for myself and the environment, too.   And so, with the help of my best friend, I began my quest for vegetarian cleansing.</


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