Reasons to Go Organic!


One important issue we have yet to cover, is the importance of not only eating your fruits and veggies but the QUALITY of the produce you select.  Some are skeptical, but I choose to eat fruit and vegetables that are certified organic.  Yes, they DO taste better, they’re better for your body and they improve the environment.

People scoff at the snobbiness of only eating organic food or think its ridiculous and don’t find conventionally grown items offensive or lacking nutrients.  I choose to believe that farming using chemical-ridden pesticides and fertilizing is just plain disgusting and isn’t a healthy way to eat.  I would prefer to eat food that has been grown naturally without the use of harmful ingredients like Dichloro-Diphenyl- Trichloroethane (DDT) which cause cancer, infertility and development problems.  I prefer to refrain from genetically-modified foods (GMOs) that are also known to causes diseases and a slew of other issues you can check out on Raw Wisdom.

Consuming conventionally grown produce, slightly defeats the purpose of eating healthy at all.  It’s like taking a delicious apple or crown of broccoli and sprinkling chemicals all over it before you try devour it.  Sure, washing them will help a little, but it doesn’t reverse the internal damage done by such strong pesticides.

The prices may be a little steeper, but in the long run, it is absolutely worth paying the extra penny to go organic.


  • Celery: Has no protective outer skin to shield it from pesticide residue 
  • Peaches: Their delicate skin makes it susceptible to chemicals
  • Strawberries: Unless they’re in season, they generally come from countries that have no qualms about using harmful materials to grow them
  • Apples:  Are prone to attracting insects and fungi, so a heavy amount of pesticides remain on their skin
  • Blueberries: Conventional blueberries are treated with 52 known pesticides
  • Nectarines: Another delicate tree fruit, similar to apples and peaches
  • Bell Peppers:  Also have thicker skins and are heavily doused with chemicals
  • Spinach: Tops the list of the most contaminated leafy-green vegetable with 42 pesticides
  • Kale:  Even as a tougher breed of produce, it is still a highly sprayed veg
  • Potatoes:  Are generally the hardest to get completely clean and can be laced with 37 different pesticides
  • Grapes: Vineyards are continuously sprayed, and no amount of cleaning can rid pesticides from their thin skins
  • Cherries:  Even locally grown cherries are known to have 3 times more pesticide spraying than imported ones

 For even more information, check out this amazing article on being organic!

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