Totally Bamboo


When anyone asks “what’s the one thing a great cook needs to invest in?” most people will respond with “a good set of knives”.  And as important as the tools that are used to cut fruits and veggies are, having an excellent cutting board is also crucial.

For years  I used the typical wooden board and didn’t have many discrepancies about using it.  But the bulky board was obnoxiously heavy and was extremely inconvenient to wash considering they are not dishwasher safe.  They were also prone to harboring bacteria as sharp knife blades easily began to sear through the wood and residue from produce AND meat (when I actually ate it!).  And when I pondered how much grime was seeping through the wood, I quickly tossed it.

But replacing it with a plastic one wasn’t suitable either.  Although they are dishwasher safe, the issue of sanitation was also prevalent.  Sharp tools quickly started to tarnish and cut through the board and it began to warp easily.  That one didn’t last long either.

That’s when I discovered Totally Bamboo cutting boards.  Not only are they more eco-friendly, but they absorb less moisture meaning they won’t hold bacteria or soften easily.  They are much sturdier than alternative cutting boards, but bamboo FEELS much lighter, making it easy to transport.  Although they are not dishwasher safe, their smooth finish makes them a cinch to clean, which I love.  They can be a bit pricier, but considering durability and strength they far outlast any other type of board.  And their sleek and unique design make it a much betting look piece of kitchen equipment!


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