Favorite Food Flicks!


Food, Inc– Arguably the definitive movie in exposing the true horror behind factory farming, GMO food production and the lies that are embedded in our eating habits

Food Matters– An insightful and lesser known look at what exactly we SHOULD be eating, what we’re innately SUPPOSED to be eating and how a proper diet is an acute form of medicine

The 11th Hour– Food production and factory farming is proved to have a profound effect on how we’re quickly destroying our planet- and addresses what we can do to stop it

An Inconvenient Truth– Even after 5 years the message from Al Gore’s documentary continues to ring true and the growing climate issues he presents are more prevalent today than they were when the global warming film was first released

Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America’s Greatest Threat– Liposuction for 12 year olds? Diabetic 3 year olds?  This provocative and appalling film takes note of America’s poor lifestyle and diet choices is making us fatter, sicker and poorer

Fast Food Nation– Although a fictional tale, it is closely based on Eric Schlosser’s true book, which delves deep into the inner (and ugly) workings of the fast food industry

Super Size Me– One man subjects himself to a McDonald’s only regime for 30 days- and the results are both staggering and disturbing

The Beautiful Truth– What if you could cure (and cause) disease solely based on your diet?  One teenager treks across the country to hear the testaments of individuals who healed themselves through Gerson Therapy- a holistic way of treating diseases through foods and juicing

The Future of Food– A scary glimpse into a future that revolves more around sickness, big business and government then it does around proper, healthy eating



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