Brie & Glazed Pear Grilled Cheese


 My newest addiction!  Not the healthiest of dishes, but rather than just layer cheese on bread, I added LOTS of veggies.  (My spinach & tomato one was also a huge success!)

4 slices organic whole wheat bread or 4 slices of whole wheat French bread

1/4 lb. brie

1/2 cup onion, sliced

1 Bosc or Bartlett pear ( you can use any you like although green skin tastes the best for this), sliced

1 cup fresh arugula

1 tbsp white wine

1tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp olive oil

3 tbsp butter

Salt & pepper to taste

  • In a frying pan over medium heat, cook onions with salt and pepper until they are slightly brown and stringy, about 6 minutes
  • Meanwhile,  mix together the pear, white wine and lemon juice so that the liquid is completely absorbed by the pears
  • Add pears to onions and cook for an additional 4 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Remove from heat
  • On 2 slices of bread, spread 1/8 lb of brie onto one side (the cheese should be about 1/2 inch thick on top of the bread)
  • Layer 1/2 cup arugula on each cheese-spread side of bread
  • Evenly distribute half the pear/onion mix onto the opposite side of bread, and then put the arugula/cheese side on top
  • On one side of each of the sandwiches, spread 1 tbsp
  • Add the remaining 1 tbsp of butter into a frying pan and let it melt over medium heat
  • Put the unbuttered sides of the grilled cheeses into the pan and cook for about 3 minutes or til golden brown.  Turn over and grill the buttered side for 1 to 2 minutes

About Lisa

*Lisa is the founder and personal chef of The Vegan Pact and blogger at Her passion for vegan food is shown through her daily recipe blog, private meal deliveries and cooking classes in the Boston area.

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