Quesadilla Overload


Quesadillas may just be the simplest, the cheapest and the most diversified food there is for vegetarians.  The combinations are endless, the ingredients inexpensive and bountiful and for some reason are a lot of fun to create (except when flipping them doesn’t go over well-that part sucks).  Rachael’s bridal shower was last weekend and the theme was of course “Mexican Fiesta”.  Rice and beans were the bulk of the vegetarian dishes, while we served up chicken and hamburger meat alternatives.  Needless to say, we overstocked ALL of our ingredients and I came home with enough tortillas, cheese, peppers and onions to feed Jim and I lunch AND dinner for about a month.  I also came home with a surplus of Sangria in which I shared with my other bride-to-be friend Meghan and my other friend Kristin when they decided, they too, wanted to throw a quesadilla party.  Meg’s quesadilla press came in extra handy and it had me thinking that I definitely want one for my own kitchen.  No particular recipe or reason for this post except to share the gloriousness that is, the quesadilla.

And 10 days after the bridal shower, I am now up to my 13th quesdilla for lunch or dinner-and counting.




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