Farmer’s Markets & Our Garden


I had high hopes for our garden this year, and things definetely did NOT go the way I had planned.  Without any time to tend to the vegetables up at Jim’s parents houses, we were left with hardly any produce the entire summer.  However, we were quite proud of a hearty, wildly growing plant of kale, a huge red cabbage one, alot of grogeous yellow chard, some eggplant and a few spotty green bell peppers.  Still better than nothing, but I hope next year works out better!

Farmer’s market in the area however, have been a complete success! August and Septemeber are absolutely stellar months for the markets and I’ve found that Waltham actually has one of the best around.  I’ve picked up large batches of organic veggies for a fraction of the cost I find them at Whole Foods.  Plus, there’s no better feeling than buying super local and supporting smaller, close to home business!

Most markets are open through November, and you can sfind one close to you here

(the chard and red cabbage)


(3 foot long organic carrots, red onions, and the most delicious peaches I’ve ever ate! Total cost- $9)


(huge green onions, organic radishes, and the best tomatoes I’ve ever ate in my life. Total cost- $7.50)


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