Blog Goals, NOT Resolutions…


I’m not one for new year’s resolutions and empty promises just because the date changes.  I don’t understand why people feel the need to make a shift in their lives when January 1st rolls around, when typical goals like being healthier, losing weight, exercising more and dropping bad habits should be something to strive for all year long.  There’s nothing I hate more than going to my normally quiet gym and yoga classes and having them flooded during the first month of the year just because half the population is on a crazy, short-lived resolution kick.  I’m all for people wanting to get healthier and in shape, but they should do it because THEY WANT TO, not because they feel pressure to make a change when some dumb glittery ball drops in Times Square.

That being said, my reflections on where I want this blog and my recipes to go in the future just happens to coincide with the start of 2012. My desire to make a lot of changes to the site itself and to the recipes has been building for awhile and I feel like everything’s finally starting to come together.  Both Jim and I are SO excited for what lies ahead and we’re completely motivated to really devote more time and effort into our food and health.  We’re approaching the anniversary of our anniversary of becoming vegetarian and we hope this signifies a major turning point.  We wish nothing but happiness and good health for all of you and we can’t thank you enough for reading, learning with us and getting involved with our little blog 🙂

1. For a LONG time, we’ve really wanted to completely revamp the entire Vegetarian Pact site.  The wordpress thing is just not cutting it anymore, but unfortunately we both really, REALLY suck with anything involving graphic design, web development, ect.  Seriously looking into hiring someone to overhaul the blog is a top priority for me.  We’re generating more new readers everyday and I’d like offer something more visually appealing on our URL.

2. I am hellbent on kicking my crack, I mean CHEESE, addiction and going completely vegan.  Maybe I’m just not ready yet, but days go by without me consuming any animal products whatsoever and I hardly notice.  Then there are some days when I can’t help but go for a greasy, cheesy pizza.  I constantly struggle with this, and I think dining out and hardly having any vegetarian/vegan friends (Julie, Arikka and Kam, you are excused!) makes me a little weak.  Sooner or later, it’ll happen.  Hopefully sooner.

3. Jim’s ambitious about more raw meals.  At this point I’m still preparing food for John and am actually getting really good as making more raw food.  It’s definitely something we’ll embark on more when spring and summer rolls around, fresher greens are more available and our beloved farmer’s markets return.  (Side note, there are ALOT of winter’s farmer’s markets in MA though!)

4. More than anything, I would love to start developing a legit cookbook.  I’m sure any decent chef has this goal in mind, but I would really love to make this happen.  Considering writing was my first love, it only makes sense to merge that with my (fairly) new love for cooking.  I’ve read some REALLY shitty cookbooks in my life and I don’t think it would be a huge challenge to start working on a book.

5.  Jim and I know a kid who is big into TV production and filming and does work with our local television station.  I cannot stand being in front of the camera, but it does sound like such a fun idea to have a cooking show too, since vegetarian/vegan programs are non-existent to my knowledge, side from YouTube videos.  Something to think about.

6.  Cooking together more is also really important to me.  With our hectic schedules we barely see each other, let alone brainstorm, prepare and eat a meal together.  Working with each other in the kitchen is a necessity for me and I’d like to see it happen more often.

7.  Investing in Facebook ads is also on our list.  Most of our fan base is rooted in FB so reaching new readers through there is our go-to way to bring in new veggie friends.

What are all of you looking forward to this year?  Resolutions, goals, whatever it may be, we hope you get everything you want!


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