My Writing Roots & Contest-Worthy Recipes


I wanted to take some time to do some non-recipe related blogging. Since writing was my first love before cooking, I’ve been trying more and more to incorporate the two together, and I’ve been using health websites, recipe and essay contests and a friend’s herbal business to put pen to paper as much as possible (yes, I like to write the old-school way first!).

I absolutely love blending writing with my passions for cooking and health, so here’s a run down of some of our more notable appearances on some of our favorite websites! So click the links, follow the websites, find them on Twitter, friend them on Facebook and connect with some of the best 🙂

Kale Recipe Contest on Yumuniverse! Vote for us here 

Kale & Brussels Sprouts Salad

3rd Place winner of Slow Food USA’s recipe contest AND currently being taste tested for Vegetarian Times!

Eggplant & Polenta Sandwiches

Numerous herbal/health articles for Alternatives, an awesome website for herbal medicine and supplements

Some of my personal favorites- “10 Food Rules Everyone Should Live By” and “4 Things to Look for When Buying a Yoga Mat” on MindBodyGreen

A worthwhile essay contest for Our Hen House, about “Why It’s Unethical to Eat Meat

That’s all for now-happy reading!

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