New Daiya Wedges & Chickpea Cutlet Sandwiches


I have tried some NASTY vegan cheeses in my short time as a vegetarian. SOme contains milkfat (WTF how is that vegan?!), some taste like chalk, some are full of GMOs and soy and some don’t melt at all. And what is a great fake cheese, unless it gets that ooey, gooey consistency.

If you;ve been on the hunt for a great dairy-free cheese, and feel completely hopeless, look no further than Daiya’s new cheese wedges.

I love their shredded version, but it doesn’t work as perfectly as you’d want when it comes to subs, paninis or grilled cheeses. This new breed of Daiya is outstanding and comes in great flavors like Jack, Cheddar and Havarti, and best of all, it melts like a dream! It’s got a melt in your mouth texture pushed me to the brink of giddiness when I first tried it. Warmed up or sliced up onto a cold sub, this imposter cheese is even better than the real deal. Paired up with our chickpea cutlets, made for an unreal mock chicken sandwich.

2 slices ciabatta bread

2 slices Jack Daiya cheese

1 chickpea cutlet

5 slices cucumber or avocado

1/2 cup baby spinach or romaine

1 tsp Dijon mustard

  • Layer each slice of cheese ontop of each slice of bread
  • Place under broiler and let cook for 3-4 minutes or until it begins to bubble and brown
  • Layer toppings on cheese and enjoy!


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