Regrowing Veggies


So while our outdoor garden blooms (round of applause for quick-growing kale that’s already on the brink of pickin!), we have had quite a bit of lucky re-growing some of our favorite veggies indoors, too. A bit of research led me to the realization that planting and growing produce doesn;t have to be as tricky or time-consuming as starting everything from seed. When it comes to garlic, various onions, bok choy, celery and even potatoes, a simple snip of the original vegetable roots will produce great results. All it takes it water, end trimmings of vegetables and some patience!

We’ve currently got green onions and celery growing indoors (green onions on the windowsill, celery under a grow lamp) and they are doing extremely well. Follow these simple steps for DIY produce.


  • Take a bunch of celery and chop off the bottom 3-4 inches, that you wouldn’t normally eat (make sure to keep the whole chunk intact)
  • Place the stump in a bowl and cover with cold water, leaving an inch or so of water over the top
  • Place in a window sill and let soak for a week or two
  • Once you see some leaves sprouting up out of the center, plant directly into the ground OR in a large growing bucket
  • You’re done! Ours is still growing after a month, I assume it will be done after 3 months or so


  • Cut the white parts off of the bottom of a bunch of green onions
  • Tie together with a rubber band
  • Stick into a mason jar, so that the tops of the onions are almost sticking out and fill the jar half way to the top with water
  • Leave in a windowsill and let grow for 10-14 days once they are fully regrown



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