FoMu-Vegan Ice Cream in Boston


Let us discuss for a moment about FoMu.

FoMu may be the best thing to happen to Boston vegans in a LONG time.

The biggest gripe I hear from many vegans is that it’s hard to kick the cheese habit (I concur) and that they miss ice cream. I generally don’t agree with the latter since eating ice cream used to induce severe stomachaches in me and the deliciousness was not worth the inevitable pain and discomfort. In-store vegan treats can be pricey and just not worth the money. But FoMu…FoMu is a different breed of non-dairy deliciousness.

This new vegan haven resides in Allston, MA (Arikka’s new neighborhood- tons of vegan options all over her neck of the woods) and is chalk full of delectable, creamy faux ice cream goodness. The rich servings are coconut cream based and come in a variety of addictive flavors. Salted caramel, peanut butter, cookies n’ cream, blueberry bread, bananas foster, avocado and black raspberry are but mere few of their icy options. They’ve got tasty toppings too, like agave gummy bears and candied walnuts, along with vegan baked goods (cookies, brownies, muffins) to offer patrons.

This place couldn’t have opened at a better time, and FoMu is true heaven for local vegans on a hot summer night. $3.75 for a small cup or cone may seem like alot of dough for one treat, but is WELL worth the cash and is surprisingly filling. Jim is regularly stocking up on their pints ($7 each) and is trying to take full advantage of their recycle deal-bring back the pint container for a refill and save 50 cents each time.

If you get a chance, you MUST try FoMu. Your vegan sweet tooth will thank you.




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