Creamy Roasted Carrot Soup


Will I ever tire of soup?

The answer is no.

The possibilities are endless, and no matter how much veggie broth I make each week, I know that a brand new soup recipe is not far off. Seems as though almost any vegetable can be turned into a soup, and soup just seems much healthier doesn’t it? The sodium-based can versions are actually pretty awful for you, but an honest, veggie-based soup is a light alternative, that I love to enjoy after a good yoga class. Plus, the minimal ingredients and quick prep time make for a super easy and affordable weeknight dinner.

6 cups sliced carrots

5 1/2 cups vegetable broth

1/2 cup coconut milk

1 large yellow onion, chopped

1 cayenne pepper, minced

2 tsp sea salt

1 tsp dried rosemary

1/2 tsp white pepper

1/4 cup olive oil, divided

  • Preheat oven to 425 degrees
  • Lay carrots on parchment paper on a baking sheet
  • Drizzle with half of the oil, salt, pepper and rosemary
  • Roast at 425 degrees for 40 minutes
  • When cooked, heat remaining oil in a saucepan with cayenne pepper over medium heat
  • Add onions and cook for 7 minutes
  • Add vegetable broth and carrots and bring to a boil
  • Reduce to a simmer and cook for 10 minutes
  • Pour into blender and blend until smooth
  • Return to saucepan to medium heat and add coconut milk
  • Cook for 5 more minutes



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