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  1. Hi Lisa…
    I had coffee with Gail Leahy today, and she so proudly shared your site with me. I love it! You’re adorable, you have delicious recipes and interesting blogs. Love the one about bees. We’ll have bees on my sister-in-laws property within the next 2 years…can’t wait!
    I grew up in Waltham, and spent many years hanging out with Cheryl at the farm….and although your mom, Gail and Nancy were a year older, I also spent some time hanging out with them. I have great memories of those years.
    I just moved to Maine, and discovered that Gail lives 15 mins for me.
    We have something in common. I also have a site… I’m not 100% vegetarian, but I always know where my meat comes from, and it’s never from a farm factory….yuck!
    Keep up the good work. This country needs more people like you to educate them about good, healthy food.
    If you ever come to Maine, maybe we can get together to chat about vegetarian and organic food.
    Your Best Health is Your Greatest Wealth ~ Debi Gray

    • Debi, i cannot thank you enough for your wonderful comment!
      The bees are great, you will LOVE them and find they are fairly easy to maintain!
      being vegetarian is not always whats most important…making sure you know where your meat comes from and being completely organic is crucial
      I mentioned you to my mom and she cant remember who you are- is Gray your maiden or married name?

      We visit maine quite a bit in the summer so its likely wed be in your neck of the woods once the weather gets nicer 🙂
      Thanks again and i think your site is great too!

  2. Hello, on the Raw mushroom, sunflower burger, my question s if you dehydrate at 140, instead of 105, does that kill good enzymes?

  3. Hi! I am what I like to call a vegan wannabe, but am mostly vegetarian. I cannot seem to give up my love for cheese and I still love eggs. Otherwise, I don’t miss the meat at all. I guess that is my question. Is there a way to process eggs and dairy humanely, and how do I know what the best brands are to buy? I am on a limited income, so sometimes it is tough to buy the truly good organic things.

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