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Our First Contest/Giveaway! Yumuniverse


I don’t think I would have survived transitioning into this amazing vegan lifestyle had it not been for all the unbelievably supportive, informative and engaging websites available for meat-free eaters. Most of my internet time is now devoted to sharing vegan stories, searching vegan recipes or communicating with other fellow vegans. And one thing if for sure-I have NEVER met so many awesome, friendly, compassionate people in my life, let alone, through web-based interactions. The amount of support has been overwhelming and I’m going to assume other vegetarians, vegans and raw foodies have the same experience when they set forth into this eating endeavor.

I’ve thrived on the generosity and curiosity of other vegans and not long ago, was lucky enough to have won a recipe contest for one of my favorite sites, Yumuniverse. This opened a whole new wave of followers and connections for this little blog, and now, I am SO pleased to announce that they’re sponsoring an awesome contest through The Vegan Pact-one you definitely want to win!

Yumuniverse is a haven for all types of specialty diets-vegan, gluten-free, raw-you name it and they’ve got you covered. I’m thrilled that they’re offering meal subscriptions AND a lifetime membership offer which includes TONS of awesome vegan goodies, super-informative reading materials and exclusive recipes found on on YU.


“30 Dinners”-An interactive, beautiful guide full of recipes, herbie tips and vegan info. I’ve had a sneak preview and it’s not to be missed!

Sign up for their membership or other offers here, even if you don’t win through us.


1. Social media is key these days, so first and foremost, you should be connected to both The Vegan Pact and Yumuniverse on Facebook and Twitter. If you already are that’s great, and if you’re not, well now you’re about to make some pretty cool new vegan friends 🙂

Yumuniverse: Facebook AND Twitter

The Vegan Pact: Facebook AND Twitter

2. Leave a comment on this post, telling us what your favorite Vegan Pact recipe is and why!

The contest ends August, 19th, so make sure to leave your comment by then.

And that’s it…Happy posting!