Cranberry Walnut Quinoa Salad


One of my favorite summertime meals I used to make was a cranberry walnut chicken salad, that was perfect when chilled and my favorite option when I was poolside or lying on the beach.  I haven’t been happy using the stove, now that the heat and humidity are scorching and I’ve been craving dishes that are better when served cold.  This quinoa version of my original meat-filled recipe is both refreshing and delicious, and is a cinch to make!

2 cups organic quinoa

3 cups water

1 ½ cups dried cranberries

1 ¼ cups red onion, finely chopped

1 cup raw walnut halves, chopped

¾ cup celery, finely chopped

½ cup green onions, chopped

½ cup balsamic vinaigrette

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp lemon juice

2 tsp sea salt

Dash black pepper

  • Bring water and 1 tsp sea salt to a boil.  When boiling, add quinoa, reduce to a simmer and cook covered, for 15 minutes
  • Remove from heat and transfer to a large bowl
  • Add cranberries, red onion , walnuts and green onions and mix well
  • In a smaller bowl, add vinaigrette, olive oil, lemon juice, 1 tsp sea salt and pepper and mix well
  • Drizzle dressing over quinoa mix and stir

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